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Childhood and especially early childhood; It expresses a very important and sensitive time as it is the basis for the next years of human life. The child at this time; it is very open to discover, experiment, do and learn with curiosity. By realizing himself and the world he lives in, he develops social relationships. Kindergarten process; It is very important in terms of coinciding with the process of life we ​​mentioned. The social and academic experiences of the child by leaving the family environment and entering a new environment will of course affect their life. In our opinion, the most important element in this process is the environment in which the child will live and the relationship he will establish in this environment. Therefore, every interaction with a child is important. With a renewable understanding that observes children, recognizes their individual needs and can stretch according to their current needs; We act with the responsibility of creating a natural, nurturing, developing and meaningful environment for the child. We strive to establish consistent and devoted relationships that respect every child, support them with love and trust, create a positive model. With a holistic academic understanding that supports individual development and contributes to multiple aspects; We attach great importance to giving children the opportunity to reveal their talents and potential. We are experiencing our originality by approaching with respect to all the original experiences from the classical pedagogical approaches based on developmental psychology and at the same time being fed by them. We believe in the power of learning realized in the joy and practicality of playing games. Without exposing children to the speed of time, to the uncertain and insecure conditions of the world; We want them to be able to live their childhood without complicating their feelings and thoughts or making their feelings upset. We want them to live their childhood, which is a human right. Thus, they can move towards a healthy and strong adulthood with the bond they establish with themselves and with the world they live in.
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