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We always wanted to live to the fullest and to keep alive. It had to be in our daily practice, in our relationships, in our work. We searched and stopped; what was, where was It would appear as if by a coincidence and say Ceee (!) I'm here. While a livable world is important, it becomes even more important when raising our children. This is reflected in what we can see from the windows we look at, and the friendly conversations from the streets we walk through. And time passes. Then one day, as time passed, a steamer whistled: Vuuuuuup (!) Vuuup (!) The island ferry is leaving. Vuuup (!) With a habit peculiar to the city people, we came to the ferry running at the last minute 🙂 It turns out that it was our dreams that we got closer. Come on, we continued with an effort (!). A door opened behind it, into a huge green garden and the building inside. We entered: Ceee (!) They said we are here. There were children. There was soil, trees, and animals. There were children; there were games, tales, pleasant sounds. Ahh… there were children and fortunately there were in our story (!) To accept, develop, produce and share. There were children in our story for love, trust and freedom. A livable world is even more possible, even more hopeful… The island ferry is leaving; run, children run, vuuup (!)

Childhood is the basis of human life.

During this period, the child begins to explore the world he lives in with interest and curiosity, along with many changes and developments. While feeding this world with his imagination and creativity, he develops social behaviors and bonds. Childhood is an important period in terms of these qualities. In order to have a healthy childhood period; It is necessary to observe children, to recognize their reactions, to see their needs and to support and encourage them in this sense. Thus, the child naturally progresses in his individual development by developing "quality relationships" in a "healthy environment". In Ada Kindergarten; In the Developmental / Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program implemented with this responsibility, observation and analysis of all developmental areas (Cognitive - Affective, Social - Emotional, Physical - Motor, Language, Self-Care) of children are made. With the principle of the benefit of the child, a counseling and guidance service is provided in the center of the child, in cooperation with family and educators.
Ada Kindergarten

Safe and Comfortable Kindergarten

Your baby will be in a safe and comfortable environment designed to stimulate and entertain him at all stages of his development. The baby program is flexible and suitable for each child's schedule and needs, and includes activities based on children's interests. During the circle we sing songs and read age-appropriate books with each other.
The method of analyzing by observing the behavioral processes of children and test-inventory applications are made. The individual developments of the children are reported to the family in an approach that respects the child in their own right, without labeling and diagnosing the child.
Practices aimed at determining school maturity and evaluating their general development are made to children who have reached the calendar age required for primary school enrollment and reported to the family. School readiness in general; the child is ready to learn in an academic environment. However, together with the calendar age and school maturity, it can be thought that the child is ready to start school, taking into account the individual development characteristics in all developmental areas. A small calendar age difference can make a big difference in Childhood, when development is very rapid.
Ada Kindergarten's Developmental / Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program is carried out with regular Family Meetings with each child's family, Bulletins prepared on the topics that families are interested in and need, and Theoretical and Applied Studies for educators.Her çocuğun ailesiyle düzenli olarak yapılan Aile Görüşmeleriyle, ailelerin ilgi ve ihtiyaç duydukları konularda hazırlanan Bültenlerle ve eğitimciler için Teorik ve Uygulamalı Çalışmalarla Ada Anaokulunun Gelişimsel / Psikolojik Danışmanlık ve Rehberlik Programı yürütülür.


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